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Real Estate Tips What Sellers Need To Know in Today’s Housing Market If you’re thinking about selling your house, you may have heard about the housing market slowing down in recent months.  While it’s still a sellers’ market, the peak frenzy the market saw over the past two years has cooled some.   If you’re asking yourself if you’ve missed your chance to sell your house and make […]
Real Estate Tips Selling Your House? Your Asking Price Matters More Now Than Ever   There’s no doubt about the fact that the housing market is slowing from the frenzy we saw over the past two years.  But what does that mean for you if you’re thinking of selling your house?   While home prices are still appreciating in most markets and experts say that will continue, they’re climbing at a slower pace […]
Real Estate Tips How Sellers Win When Housing Inventory Is Low In today’s housing market, the number of homes for sale is much lower than the strong buyer demand. As a result, homeowners ready to sell have a significant advantage. Here are three ways today’s low inventory will set you up for a win when you sell this season. 1. Higher Prices With so many more buyers in the market than […]
Real Estate Tips 5 Tips for Making Your Best Offer In today’s sellers’ market, standing out as a buyer is critical.  Multi-offer scenarios and bidding wars are the norm due to the low supply of houses for sale and high buyer demand. If you’re buying this fall, you’ll want every advantage, especially when you’ve found the home of your dreams. Below are five things to keep in […]
Real Estate Tips Community and Economic Impacts of a Home Sale If you’re thinking of buying or selling a house, chances are you’re focusing on the many extraordinary ways it’ll change your life. What you may not realize is that decision impacts people’s lives far beyond your own.  Home purchases and sales are significant drivers of economic activity.  They have a major impact on your community […]
Real Estate Tips Today’s Real Estate Market Explained Through 4 Key Trends As we move into the second half of the year, one thing is clear: the current real estate market is one for the record books.  The exact mix of conditions we have today creates opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Here’s a look at four key components that are shaping this unprecedented market. A Shortage […]
Real Estate Tips Before Interest Rates Rise In today’s real estate market, mortgage interest rates are near record lows.  If you’ve been in your current home for several years and haven’t refinanced lately, there’s a good chance you have a mortgage with an interest rate higher than today’s average.  Here are some options you should consider if you want to take advantage […]
Real Estate Tips Selling Your House? Make Sure You Price It Right. There’s no denying we’re in a sellers’ market. With low inventory and high buyer demand, homes today are selling above the asking price at a record rate.  According to the latest Realtors Confidence Index Survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR): Homes typically sell within 17 days (compared to 26 days one year ago). The average home sold has five offers to […]
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